Eat on Robertson

Campos. Robertson Blvd

There are not nearly enough good places to eat on Robertson as we would like, so we wouldn’t have to drive to downtown Culver City to find a proper restaurant, however we have some local favorites, like Campos, not a chain like Taco Bell across the street, but a family owned place that serves authentic Mexican food.  We love the Argentinian Empanadas made by Adriano and Marcelo, and we’re very appreciative of the discounts they offer our Reynier Village Neighborhood Association, when we host our summer park nites.

You may want to enjoy a stroll, grab some food at these local eateries.

CAMPOS TACOS  310-202 7308
2639 S Robertson Blvd

DOLCE ISOLA 310-776 7070
2867  S Robertson Blvd

EMPANADAS  310-836 5944
2513 S Robertson Blvd

Dolce Isola. Robertson Blvd

Text and photos by Elisa Leonelli

One response to this post.

  1. I like that your are “boosting” our local spots and businesses. My family has lived on Gibson since 1957 and I am grateful to you for helping to bring our neighborhood a little closer together. Thank you!

    Michael Haft


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