Photographs by Joseph Martinez

SORO Fest 2015 Street Festival and Car Show – June 7, 2015




Photographs by Elisa Leonelli.


White stucco, red tile roof, a clean Reynier Village Spanish-style home

Spanish style home, paved front yard. Holt St

Spanish style home, grassy front yard. Reynier Ave

Native plants. Halm Ave

Drought resistant front yard. Halm Ave

White paint, aqua trim. Halm Ave

Terracotta paint color. Beverlywood St

Green paint. Beverlywood St

Brown paint, landscaped yard. Beverlywood St

Craftsman style built in 1914. Reynier Ave

Blue fescue lawn. Halm Ave

Liquidambar styraciflua, Beverlywood St

Chorisia Speciosa or Floss Silk, Reynier St

Modernist fence, backyard design. Halm Ave

Green Beginning Pre-school. Robertson Blvd

Beverlywood Swim School, Robertson Blvd

Antique Plus. Robertson Blvd

Campos. Robertson Blvd

Palms Westminster Hall

Hamilton High

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