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Garage conversion to ADU

When I received a notice in the mail about a LA City hearing (scheduled for July 5), I read it carefully, and wondered why residents within a 500 feet radius had to be notified, about a construction permit for a home in Reynier Village.  I asked Liz Carlin for advice.

2630 Bedford St

I knew that on September 26, 2016 Governor Brown signed ordinance AB 2299 and SB 1069 about ADUs, Accessory Dwelling Units, that took effect on January 1, 2017.  A ADU, also known as a “granny flat” or “backyard home”, is a permanent second unit with a full kitchen and bathroom, that can be used as a rental, on the same lot as the primary single family residence. In Los Angeles, 2,342 secondary units were permitted in 2017, up from 120 in 2016.
Read this article in the Los Angeles Times and this article in LA Curbed

Find out how to submit a site plan application for a ADU on this website of LA County Dept of Planning. Study the Interim memo at this link.
Click here for the May 22 update that will take effect later in 2018.
For information about your property, visit West LA’s DSC (Development Services Center) at 1828 Sawtelle Blvd. LA 90025. Tel: 310-231 2901

The ordinance stipulates that a ADU in rear or side yards cannot exceed 50% of the primary house square footage, to a maximum of 1200 SqFt. So our clever homeowner on Bedford St asks to have the main house, which is 875 feet, converted to a ADU, so they may build a structure twice the size behind it, 1,707 SqFt, in place of the current studio of 544 SqFt.  The garage would have to also be demolished and rebuilt bigger, because 2 off-street parking spaces are still a requirement for every home, however an ADU does not require additional parking, if it’s within half a mile of public transportation.
See more photos of 2630 Bedford St at this webpage

2600 Bedford St

Around the corner on Beverlywood St, in the backyard of 2600 Bedford St, a two story structure is being built to replace the old garage. No City hearing was needed for this construction. The contractor name is Arbib Construction: 800-222 4743.

More homeowners in Reynier Village are likely studying how to follow suit, to increase the value of their property, earn rental income.
RVNA (Reynier Village Neighborhood Association), SORONC (South Robertson Neighborhood Council) Land Use Committee, and District 10 Councilman Herb Wesson, will have to monitor the situation, so the increased density won’t affect the quality of life, and the already scarce parking in our lovely “Village.”

Text and photos by Elisa Leonelli

Reynier Park regulations

Reynier Park. Wooden pergolas

Loud and drunken parties have occasionally taken place at Reynier Park for years, however, since Nextdoor has made it possible for neighbors to communicate directly with each other on the Internet, the posts about the weekend invasion of our park have been numbering in the hundreds. It is also true that the size and frequency of these large gatherings in our small park has increased, and some of these events have been professionally catered.
Last year SORONC took notice and revived their Park Committee, RVNA members and residents attended several meetings and expressed their concerns. In October 2016 I was present as RVNA Co-President, when 6 LA Park and Recreation representatives promised new signage would be posted, in English and Spanish, so existing regulations would be made clear to park users, and enforceable. No amplified sound, no smoking, no alcohol, no bouncy houses, no catered events, no open flames, no tents, etc.
9 months later these signs have not yet been posted, but SORONC and RVNA are still committed to finding solutions and are organizing a ice-cream party Sunday July 30 at 2pm. Residents are invited to come and share ideas about the park.  SORONC (South Robertson Neighborhood Council) posted yard signs about “reimagining” Reynier Park, with weblink to a survey.

Reynier Park. Picnic, July 16

Actually many of us residents feel Reynier Park is great the way it is, and it is enjoyed daily by dozens of children and adults, with no improvements necessary. It is the invasion of hundreds of people on weekends that should be regulated. We have proposed that only 2 parties be allowed per day, of no more than 30 people each, under the wooden pergolas that provide shade and seating. No need to set up tents that occupy park space. A Park Ranger should be on call to enforce these regulations, allowing LAPD to respond to real crimes such as burglaries, robberies and murders.
See our earlier post on this blog.

RVNA Park Night, July 12

On the bright side, there were no large parties this past weekend, only a baby shower set up under a white tent with seating for less than 30 people. And last Wednesday RVNA, our Reynier Village Neighborhood Association, held a summer park night, a tradition that started in 2005. More than 30 residents walked over to one of the lovely pergolas and talked to each other face to face. What a concept in this era of Social Media…

We love our Reynier Park.

Text and photos by Elisa Leonelli


Enjoy South Robertson

Ivan Gallery. Art by Barbara Mendes

Sunday June 4, I walked 3 blocks from my home to South Robertson to experience the SORO Fest, a joyous community event in its 20th year, when this usually busy street between Cadillac and Cattaraugus is closed to traffic and SORO residents enjoy walking to the many restaurants and shops in our neighborhood.

I greeted my friends, at the booths for RVNA, SORONC, Hami Garden, and said hello to Barbara Mendes, who was teaching kids how to do chalk drawing on the sidewalk in from of Ivan Gallery.

Fred’s Bakery-Avi Kadmon.

I spoke with Avi, who bought Fred’s Bakery two years ago and recently completed a thorough remodel. This neighborhood favorite was opened in 1949 by Fred and Harriet; when Fred passed away in 1992, his children (Bob, Steve and Cecilia) ran it for 12 year, then sold it in 2005 when Cecilia (Cissy Klein) moved to Las Vegas.

Wonders Kids World. Julia, Natalie

I looked into the window of Wonders Kids World. They were closed today, but a couple of weeks ago I had met with Natalie, from Paris, France and Julia, from Yucatan, Mexico. They are devoted to teaching pre-school children French and Spanish in a fun way, through music and games.

Barbara Mendes painting Angel Wall. July 2012

You don’t have to wait another year to enjoy South Robertson, now dubbed the Great Emerald Blvd. These businesses are open most days of the week. Go have breakfast at Undergrind Cafe, lunch at Dolce Isola, dessert at Monaco Gelato, take home tasty Argentinian Empanadas or a heavenly green chile burrito from Campos. Check out the many programs the Relational Center has to offer. Enjoy art at the Ivan Gallery, decorated with the colorful and intricate murals painted by Barbara Mendes through the years. Explore all the places that she included in the map below.

For a list of our favorites click on the Robertson page of the RVNA website.

Text and photos by Elisa Leonelli

Reynier Park

During the past couple of weeks, we noticed several workers in orange vests and hard hats working on our Reynier Park, so we went to check and talk to them. They removed the old sidewalk and poured cement to build a new one all around the park, along Olin, Reynier and Hargis. They completed the job Friday April 28. They were employed by a private company called John S. Meek, hired by the Los Angeles Department of Street Services.

We are grateful for such improvement, however many Reynier Village resident wish that the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks would require permits for large picnics on weekends, catered affairs that bring over 200 people to our neighborhood, and would limit the parties to 2, to take place under the lovely wooden pergolas, and the number of party-goers to 20 for each party.

Also the erection of tents and bouncy houses are not allowed by existing park regulations, which should be enforced. In October 2016 the SORONC Board approved a resolution asking for new signs, in English and Spanish, spelling out all the regulations. We’ve been waiting 6 months, so we hope these signs will be posted soon.

Text and photos by Elisa Leonelli


Fire truck

Today we participated in one of our neighborhood’s most popular events, the 18th annual street festival on South Robertson Blvd.
The LA Fire Department was out in force with 2 giant firetrucks parked on Beverlywood, and numerous firemen talking to people and distributing information about their free CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) classes.

We bought some plants from the HAMI Garden booth.

We talked to the many volunteers from the Relational Center, that recently moved to 2717 Robertson: 323-935 1807.  You should definitely check out the many programs they offer, counseling, yoga, mediation, etc.

We had a healthy bowl of superfood like kale and quinoa from the Green Truck: 310-204 0477.  At last year SORO Fest they received the Outstanding Green Citizenship Award, from SORONC Green Team.

Check the Art Map below and support the businesses on South Robertson all year round!

Text and photo by Elisa Leonelli