Neighborhood clean-up

Helms 14-1s

Sunday August 17, the Helms Neighborhood Association organized a community trash clean up and tree trimming of the Santa Monica 10 Freeway embankment along Regent Street. Cal Trans workers were also there replacing parts of the old fence.  More than 50 residents showed up to volunteer for this effort.  Councilman Herb Wesson’s office provided the tools.  3 members of the Reynier Village Neighborhood Association removed garbage from the Freeway embankment and alley between Cattaraugus and Bedford.
LA City street sweepers and Cal Trans crews are not sufficient to keep our neighborhoods clean, so residents should get together and do it themselves. It’s good practice for when we will have to help each other in case of an earthquake, since fire and police departments will be too overwhelmed.

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Text and photos by Elisa Leonelli
RVNA Communications

Helms 14-6s

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  1. Posted by Saran Kirschbaum on August 23, 2014 at 9:28 am

    Perfect way to start off each day, trash free!!!!


  2. Thanks so giving Helms a shout out. We are working hard to be organized and make our area safe and beautiful!


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