I had discovered Eatalian last year (October 6, 2013), when the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West (IACCW) organized “Piazza Italia” at Ciclavia, a taste sampling of Authentic Italian restaurants, in a downtown pedestrian area near Grand Park. I had tasted their delicious ice-cream, and was delighted to find out that they were planning to open a location in Culver City. The main location of Eatalian Cafe is in Gardena, where they also have ExEat.
I had forgotten about this, until I found their business card and called them. They had indeed opened a cafe, EnoyEat Espresso, and a restaurant, EnjoyEat Classico, in an alley next to the Pacific movie theaters in downtown Culver City.  I went there to eat pizza last Saturday night, and was not disappointed; their gelato, cappuccino flavor, was out of this world.  It reminded me of the Coppa del Nonno that I used to love as a child in my hometown of Modena.

Text by Elisa Leonelli


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