Robertson Blvd

Antique Plus

I often take walks around the neighborhood, by myself or with a friend.  Even now that our dog has passed away, I keep up this habit to get some exercise.  Last Sunday I walked on Robertson Blvd, which I don’t usually do on weekdays to avoid the traffic, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the only remaining antique store open and displaying their wares on the sidewalk.  Some new shops have opened recently, and a few storefronts are being remodeled to attract tenants.
Let’s support our local merchants, art galleries, schools and restaurants.

Please send us comments about your favorites.
See listed below our choices in the antiques, upholstery and furniture category.

ANTIQUE PLUS (310) 903 6072
2812  S Robertson Blvd

ART DECO DESIGNERS (310) 838 8011
2820-22  S Robertson Blvd

SERENA INTERIORS  (310) 558 9678
2739 S Robertson Blvd

Text and photos by Elisa Leonelli


Art Deco Designers

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