What Makes a Good Neighborhood?

Partial view of South Robertson Neighborhood Council area

Partial view of South Robertson area

Journalist Peter Lovenheim (of Rochester, NY) realized how little he actually knew of his neighbors or his neighborhood. This inspired him to write a book,  In the Neighborhood: the Search For Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time.

After watching his fascinating 30 minute lecture discussing ‘what makes a good neighbor’ on the Zócalo Public Square website,  I realized how lucky we are to live in Reynier Village and in the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council area of Los Angeles.

Our community works together to help each other and to  help beautify the neighborhood.  We spend time gardening together at Hamilton High School or attend neighborhood land use or public safety meetings at the local Robertson Recreation Center.   We have monthly meetings and an Annual SoRo Street Festival on Robertson Boulevard.

But how well do we actually know the residents on the block where we live?  Do we know what makes a good neighbor?  Can we do better to help each other or just try to introduce ourselves?   Should our community have more social events such as women’s night out or guy’s night out where we meet at a local restaurant once a month to chat?  Should we invite our neighbors over for some homemade soup once in a while? Do all our meetings together have to try to solve neighborhood issues?   Comments are welcome!

Text by Deni Mosser

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  1. Posted by Gary on December 20, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    My son, Danny, is home for the holidays and has encouraged me to save all my compost. Can the Hamilton Garden use it? I Don’t have a vegetable garden of my own and no place to install a compost box. I would be willing to come by every week or so and drop off our compost. Perhaps we can start a compost drive to get some more of our neighbors involved in the community garden project.
    Please let me know, the coffee cans are filling up fast.
    Gary Friedman


  2. I’m sure your help will be very welcome by the Hami gardners. Check the holiday hours on the Hami page and go visit.
    You may also dispose of fruit and vegetable scraps into the Green garbage bin, the city will composte.


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