Go Solar

We attended the Reynier Village solar workshop organized by Open Neighborhoods at PermaCity, and gathered lots useful info that we want to share.
It’s never been as affordable as now to install solar panels on your home.
You get rebates from DWP that favor early adopters, currently $ 2.20 per watt, plus a 30% direct write-off on your taxes.

Permacity is offering a 33% group discount (which simply means 3 homes within 1 square mile), and that brings your cost down to $4.40 per watt, before the rebates.  Final cost $ 1.60 per watt, or about $ 9,600 and up for a 6 KiloWatt system, sufficient for a small 1,500 square feet home.
Check out their website for more info or email Herb Mendelsohn.
You should talk to your neighbors about doing the installation at the same time, then email us to tell us you are going ahead.
If you want NO upfront costs, you can lease your solar system and pay about half of your current monthly electric bill to Sun Power for 20 years.
If you’d like to attend another group workshop, register on the Open Neighborhood website

If you’re ready to get a free solar assessment about the costs and timing of installation on your home, call: 310-893 3100.

It makes economic sense to go solar at this time, you will save on your utility bill, and to switch to a clean and renewable energy source will also help reduce the use of dirty coal-generated electricity in our city.

Text by Elisa Leonelli

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey. This sounds great!! Is there a neighbor out there who has already converted to the Solar System and wouldn’t mind sharing with me their experience? I would be VERY appreciative for the input as this is a system I would like to move forward with. Thanks.

    Michael Haft
    Gibson Street


  2. I just had my solar city site audit today.
    I am really thrilled with the deal that we got. We are doing a 20 year lease where we are pre-paying (there are options that are cheaper up front) $3200 and we won’t have any bills for the entire 20 years. As the system is their property, they maintain it and after the 20 years is up and the technology is outdated, they remove it. I can also get 2 five year extensions so it would be 30 years if I wish to continue. If not, they take it away. It is a total no brainer.


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