Rain chain in a Mar Vista garden

The Mar Vista Garden Showcase is a great way to find new and sustainable garden ideas. Here, a beautiful copper rain chain is placed near the front door amid the rose garden. Rain chains are an alternative to those unsightly gutter downspouts. Used in Japanese temples for hundreds of years, you can buy rain chains in garden supply stores, online or, make them yourself. Rain chains capture runoff and guide rain water visibly down the chains or cups (with holes in the bottom) and gives a pleasing sound.

Text and photo by Deni Mosser

copper rain chain

Rain chain\’s originated in Japan and are a playful substitute for the traditional downspout

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi. Nice job on the rain chain write-up. My name is Scott and I own Rain Chains Direct It’s my mission to help spread the word about rain chains and to offer great rain chains (at great prices).

    I noticed you had a link to a rain chain making tutorial. We also have a good instructional page on making your own rain chain here: http://www.rainchainsdirect.com/pages/how-to-make-a-rain-chain

    If you need anything, please let me know!


  2. Posted by Roxanne Dominguez on September 25, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    I would totally love this style for my boyfriends home…he just remodeled the front of his home. After searching for the perfect style, this one is it!! please contact me with details of style and where I can purchase this exact one…thank you Roxanne 🙂


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