Mar Vista Gardens

Mar Vista garden

The Mar Vista Community Council celebrates Earth Day on Sunday April 25, from 2 to 6 pm, with the second edition of the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase.
We attended the first one in April 2009, see video by Samantha Lyon, and that became one of the inspirations for our own Home & Garden blog.
It is a fantastic event where 80 families will open their homes and gardens to the public, a big increse on the 30 homeowners that participated last year.  It is a great place to see examples of drought resistant native California plants replacing grass lawns, fruits and vegetable gardens.

Start at this address: 3972 Coolidge Ave
Pick up a free reusable bag, then visit the gardens on 6 self-guided tours.

Event Co-Chair Sherry Akers has become a friend of our neighborhood SORONC Green Team.

Also check out the Mar Vista Farmers Market, Sundays 9 am to 2 pm, on Grand View at Venice Blvd, open on Easter Sunday April 4.

Text by Elisa Leonelli

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