Hailstorm in SoRo

Jan. 22 – -An unexpected hailstorm rushed through South Robertson and Culver City today dumping a large amount of hard ice on the ground. Very exciting, and quite beautiful to see. Four Pacific storms throughout the entire week brought rain, thunder and lighting, hail and even tornadoes. In this El Nino year, hail is still an unusual occurrence that was quite welcome in these times of drought. Luckily the feared mudslides, in the Los Angeles Forest ravaged by last year’s fires, did not materialize, so far, even though many homes had to be evacuated. Also lucky – the small tornado that hit Ventura Thursday January 21 did not
cause casualties. It was great to see the green color of our gardens sparkle in the wet air!
Text and photos by Deni Mosser

Noontime hailstorm

Noontime hailstorm – Friday, Jan. 22, 2010

ice and rocks;hailstorm-jan.22, 2010

Ice garden in SoRo. Aftermath of hailstorm Jan.22, 2010

fresh grass from rain, jan 22, 2010

Fresh wet grass sparkling in the sunlight

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