DWP cash for grass!

drought-resistant landscaping

drought-resistant landscaping

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is on a mission to convince consumers to save water in these years of record drought in California, due to the global climate crisis.

On June 1 they passed an ordinance that using your sprinklers to water your lawn is only permitted 2 days a week, Mondays and Thursdays and never between 9 am and 4 pm, the warmest hours of the day,  to avoid evaporation.

Now they would like you to get rid of you turf grass lawn all together and replace it with drought-tolerant plants, mulch or permeable ground cover;  and as an incentive they will give you a rebate of $1.00  per square foot, from 250 feet minimum up to 2,000.

Read more about this in the Los Angeles Times article: L.A offers rebate for ripping out your lawn.

Check out the program details at socalwatersmart.com

For help on how to do it, gardening classes are offered through Be Water Wise.

Many of our neighbors have already chosen that alternative for their front yard, we encourage you take a walk around Reynier Village and get some ideas and inspiration.  Share your thoughts here!!

Text and photo by Elisa Leonelli

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