Organic garden for your health

A note from Dr. Carl Rothchild

Markene's lettuce

Markene’s lettuce

“There is probably no better way to gain access to the healthy organic foods your body craves most than by growing them yourself. More and more people are getting on the home-gardening bandwagon as food, fuel and energy costs continue to rise. Home gardening, especially organic gardening, can be a great help in avoiding the consumption of manufactured foods and offset some of the cost concerns with organic produce.

“Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t growing the world’s biggest tomato or tallest stalk of peppermint. Maybe all you can get to grow at first is a few lettuce leaves for salads or sandwich toppings and some of your favorite herbs to spice up your cooking. Don’t expect too much from your little garden. Try to enjoy the organic gardening experience itself and other health benefits it brings, like exercise, time spent outdoors in the fresh air, and a sense of well being. Try to think of the chemical-free, vitamin-filled, fresh, natural foods it yields as an added bonus.

“If the idea of organic gardening and growing your own food seems more like a chore than a blessing, try to remember all the benefits – and the next thing you know, you’ll be sitting down to a delicious meal made with your own favorite, healthy, homegrown foods.

Dr. Carl Rothchild,

posted by Elisa Leonelli

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