Raised bed garden

From our neighbor Barry Levine, photographer

Barry's vegetables

Barry’s vegetables

“I was reading the Los Angeles Times and this article about an Australian garden caught my eye. This vegetable garden is above ground, requires no removal of the lawn and seemed easy enough even for me.  I just laid down fifteen sheets of newspaper, four inches of alfalfa, eight inches of hay and four inches of compost, bone meal and blood meal.  Then I planted and watered.
“Turns out to cost a chunk of change (about $200.00) so I don’t think I’ll really be saving money over shopping, but it has been educational and fun.  That’s a combination that can’t be beat. I’ve planted and harvested broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, snap peas, strawberries, and my favorite, spinach. I think I’ll tweak it a little next season and add planting soil about four inches thick and only plant tomatoes, spinach and cucumbers.  I’m also adding blackberries and grapes.”    – – Barry Levine

Watch a video from the National Gardening Association on how to build a raised bed garden.

Tell us about YOUR experiences growing fruits and vegetables!!


Elisa Leonelli

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